Atvira paskaita su prof. Vesna Dragojlov iš Pažangiųjų technologijų universiteto


2015 m. gegužės 18-29 dienomis, dizainerė prof. Vesna Dragojlov iš JAV, Pažangiųjų technologijų universiteto (University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, Arizona, USA) viešėjo VDA Grafinio dizaino katedroje, kur kūrybinės dirbtuves vedė 2 bakalauro kurso studentams tema Algorithmic/generative art: art generating machines.

Gegužės 29 dieną, penktadienį, 17.00 val. Maironio g. 3, 112 aud. vyks atvira paskaita, kurioje prof. Vesna Dragojlov pristatys savo kūrybą ir mokslinę veiklą bei Pažangiųjų technologijų universitetą (University of Advancing Technology), kurio mokslinių tyrimų centre ji dirba.

Apie savo kūrybą prof. Vesna Dragojlov pasakoja:

My work evolves around the intersection of art/design, technology and sciences. I am very interested in how art and design trends and research inform technology and the reverse. As a result, I have done research and created projects that address those topics: the impact of technology on the society in general, not just as tool but also a phenomenon that changes our relationships, personal, professional and societal; new art directions as a result of that intersection: generative art and bio and genetic art; new way of reading literature that embraces new reading experience as a result of new media and writing/reading integration – hypertextual fiction; and cyberfeminism, not within a strict term of feminism, but rather related to the role of women in the new information age. From a design perspective, I have done research, designed classes and have been teaching them, system design that entails many aspects of design under one umbrella of UX/UI design, or user experience design, with a user/people in a driving seat.

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